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Sept.2002 - №2 Archive
Міжнародний досвід
Anthony Budell (Great Britain):

"I love Chernihiv very much and my heart is here. I am pulled by your wonderful hospitality and beautiful women. Even ugly women in Ukraine are beautiful :-))).
There are very strong places in Chernihiv, if you put the ear to the ground on the ramp part where the cathedrals are you can hear the heart of this land beating. It has soul which attracts many people, especially from the western countries where individualism is highly developed and they come here to find Love.
Beautiful nature, splendid summer, the natural resources and the climate of the south of Ukraine can be used for developing of the international resorts.
Ukraine reminds a beautiful young woman who is wounded by those who rob her resources and energy and is bleeding now We are to help her.
Women will determine the future of the country, as they are stronger than men. Ukrainian men seem to hide in the bottle of vodka from all the problems of the young country and their families.
To come to Ukraine we need a big heart to be able to help those who are in need and a big sense of humor to cross the boarder and to talk to the customs."
Roger Laycock (Great Britain):

"To me Chernihiv is a city of contrast. There is beauty and happiness but also a great need to overcome. The many problems facing some of the city people".
Debra Smith (Great Britain):

"Sincere friendship, camaraderie and wonderful hospitality all given with love. A beautiful historic town with many social problems, peopled by those with a stoic determination to overcome them".
Michael Koupal (Minnesota, USA):

"Chernihiv is often viewed as the city that lives in the shadow of Kyiv. Often people think it is negative, but it could not be more positive. I think the citizens of Chernihiv have an opportunity to combine their intelligence, creativity and motivation to capitalize on this benefit."
William Fordyce (Ohio, USA):

"For two years, Chernihiv was my home. At the time, I did not realize what a special and interesting place it was. But as I readjust to life in the United States, my memories of Chernihiv: the "babuschkas" selling sunflower seeds, "Deduschka" Lenin, the crowed trolleybus Number 1, "Krasny Ploshad" at night, "Chernihivskye Pivo", and of course, my friends, become more vivid and special."
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