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March 2003 - №3 Archive
Міжнародний досвід
William Fordyce (Glendale, Arizona, USA):

"For over two years, Chernihiv was my home. And because of the kindness of the people, and the physical beauty, they were two of the best and most interesting of my life.
Of course, many people know Chernihiv as an historic city with many beautiful churches and breathe taking architecture. The city dates back over a thousand years, and as I mentioned to my Ukrainian students too many times, was founded five hundred years before my country was even discovered by Europeans. But the Chernihiv that I knew was a vibrant city full of life, looking forward not backwards. Chernihiv has a bright future, and I was proud to take part in this transformation.
Throughout my two years serving as a Business Facilitator with the United States Peace Corps, I visited nearly every corner of Ukraine. I found the Ukrainian people kind, giving, and open to an American struggling with their language. However, the people of Chernihiv were exceptionally kind and interested. Chernihiv became my home, not simply a site that Uncle Sam sent me to in order to work. I was made to feel welcomed everywhere: the market, stores, offices, and most importantly, the homes of many residents.
Countless times, strangers invited me into their homes to learn about me, and to share with me their culture, history, and of course a tremendous amount of food. The openness of Chernihiv residents always surprised me, as people from my culture don't invite strangers into their homes. But these were the most interesting times in my "Ukraine life", as I broke bread, drank vodka, talked politics and learned about Ukraine.
Chernihiv is unique, in that it is a big city near Kyiv with a strong economy, but it has maintained its small town and open feel. Any visit to Ukraine, or even to Europe is not complete until a visit to Chernihiv is made!"
Martin Smith (Dover, United Kingdom):

"Ukraine is a country of friendly people re-awakening to appreciate their rich and diverse historical and cultural heritage".
Tony Budell (United Kingdom):
Founder/Director of British Humanitarian Aid and co-founder and
co-director of "ARATTA" along with Victoria Filatova and others.

"For the past seven years (since1996) B.H.A. (British Humanitarian Aid) has worked exclusively in Chernihiv and to date, has brought 52 "Convoys of Hope" to the area.
The motto of B.H.A. is - "together we can help" and this has been our maxim for 7 years. When we do things for others with no thought of reward, then the rewards are very great indeed. The treasures we keep in this life are gifts we give to others. Not just the gifts of Humanitarian aid, but for more important gifts: Love, Hope, Friendship, Understanding and Happiness.
"ARATTA" has adopted this motto of B.H.A. and the help it has given to others is truly wonderful and may it continue for years to come expanding to reach other areas of the Chernihiv region and in doing so, showing other what can be a chimed with love.
"The Greatest Gift That We Can Give Others Is Our Unconditional Love".
May God Bless each and everyone of you who will visit ARATTA in the future."
Ernest Reginald Mann (United Kingdom):

"I first came to Chernihiv in April 2002 and that people need a lot of help.
But I don't complain about anything the Love that is given to us when we are here just makes you return as often as possible.
This is my third trip to Chernihiv and I feel like it is my home.
When in England I like to take my dogs for long walks, any other time is used to collect aid for ARATTA.
Just to say I am proud to be part of the ARATTA family and to know all these wonderful people. God Bless you all."
Margaret Monckton Rubin (United Kingdom):

''Today is the end of my visit to Chernihiv with Tony and Ernie. We arrived on the 4th January 2003 and tomorrow we travel back for a little time in Kiev, before returning to the UK on Saturday.
The work that you all do - Tony with Victoria and all your wonderful people at ARATTA, together with all the convoy drivers and the people in the UK who make their donations - all this serves to ensure that the people of the region will know that they are not forgotten. The kindness and hospitality extended has been wonderful - I take these memories home with me. I admire proud and dignified people who, in the face of adversity have shared their homes, traditions and families with me.
In the course of my travels, it seems I had left a few items around the region. This will ensure that I will return -I hope soon !!!"
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