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Public organization "Cernihiv Center for children and youth"

Motto: "Together  we can help and make the  world better"
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History of the organization

The idea of founding in the t. Chernihiv of a Community Center to help the impoverished and deprived families appeared in 1996.

It be came true with the light hand and constant support of the Director of the charity "British Humanitarian Aid", Tony Budell, who inspired Victoria Filatova and a group of co-thinkers to create a public organization. "Chernihiv center for children and youth "ARATTA" was officially registered on June 11, 1998

The mission of organization:
  • All-round assistance to education, upbringing and maintenance of the children from needy families;
  • Providing support to families and women,
  • Encouragement of maternity;
  • Creating of the conditions for self-realization of the members of the organization;
  • Providing of healthy development of children on the basis of humanism;
  • Solving problems of social support of a family, women and children;
  • Assistance in upbringing and maintenance of the children in the orphanages and other children's establishments.
  • By living common spiritual values "Aratta" inspires setting of a spiritual standards of excellence worldwide, that will reward all our supporters, partners, all those, whom we take care of and all "Aratta" people.

The main directions of our work:
  • Searching and distribution among the needy of humanitarian aid;
  • Organizing of Family parties and children matinees;
  • Organizing of Children's Art Exhibitions.
  • Holidays (Summer Family Ecological school at the river and camps at the sea-side);
  • Circles and clubs' work for children and youth;
  • Regular humanitarian and psychological help to the hildren in the orphanages.
  • Psychological service;
  • Organizing of the mutual help
  • Close cooperation and partnership with Ukrainian and foreign partners.

Our Programs for Children:
  • From 1998 125 tons of humanitarian aid was given to the poor and big families and to the children in orphanages;
  • 150 poor families with 250 children regular get all-round help
  • 200 children visit different free of charge circles and clubs;
  • 30 orphanages and other children's establishments get regular humanitarian aid;
  • The Theatrical group of children regularly shows concert programs at the orphanages;
  • The children of "ARATTA" have an opportunity to visit a hairdresser and a masseur regularly;
  • The parents and the children of "ARATTA" have an opportunity to have a consultation at psychologist;
  • About 100 children take part in the children's parties and matinees regularly;
  • 50 children have holidays at Summer Family Ecological School at the river every year.

Our Foreign Partners:
  • Charitable organization "British Humanitarian Aid" (Great Britain).
  • Charitable organization "Bear Essencial Aid" (Great Britain).
  • Charity "Help children of Ukraine" (Sweden).
  • Charity "Magic Aid" (Great Britain).
  • Charitable fund "Network Chernihiv" (the Netherlands).
  • Interactive theater "Mandarin" (the Netherlands).
  • Commune Barka (Poland).
  • Copenhagen Rotary Clubs (Denmark)
  • Organization "Red Barnet", representatives of the International "Save the Children Alliance" (Denmark)
  • Danish-Ukrainian Society (Denmark).
  • Kofoed School (Denmark).
  • Peace Corp (the USA).
  • High Mark Seminars (the USA).

How you can help yourself and us:

There are many ways in which you can become involved in our humanitarian endeavours:
  • Visit us
    • You can visit our Center and get acquainted with what we do.
    • You can start or take part in any activity with children, youth or adults.
    • You can also get any help the Center provides.
  • Help us with finances
    A donation, however small, is always gratefully received:
    • To pay for the rent and public utilities of the Centre;
    • To maintain the activities and purchase the materials for the circles and clubs;
    • To help in organization of Supper Ecological School for families on the river;
    • To organize Children Holidays at the seaside.
  • Collect aid for us
    We would greatly appreciate any collections of clothes, toys, house-hold materials, Writing materials, school things.
  • Organize talks
    • You can organize meetings and talks to tell about the activity of the Community Centre and social problems in our town and region.

How you can find us:
Ostrovscogo st.,37, t.Chernihiv 14000, Ukraine
l./fx: +38 0462 178433
e-mail: aratta@open.net.ua, vika@ic.com.ua

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